1 Corinthians 4:1 Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.

The apostle Paul was a “servant” of Christ. It was a role he chose out of love, not fear.

There were perhaps millions of slaves in the Roman Empire. For the most part, they were treated not as persons but as objects. If a master wanted to kill a slave, he could do so without fear of punishment. Though it was a negative term to the Romans, the word slave meant dignity, honor, and respect to the Hebrews, and the Greeks considered it a term of humility. As a servant of Christ, then, Paul paradoxically finds himself both exalted and debased. This is the ambivalence every representative of Jesus Christ must face.

When I think of the honor I’ve been given to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, I am sometimes overwhelmed. There is no higher calling in life than to proclaim the gospel from the pulpit and to be able to teach the Word of God under the power of the Holy Spirit. Yet there is also a paradox that requires a minister of Christ to realize he does not deserve to minister. He must have the proper perspective of being an unworthy slave who has the incomprehensible privilege of proclaiming the gospel.

 MacArthur, J. (2001). Truth for today : a daily touch of God’s grace (p. 13). Nashville, Tenn.: J. Countryman.


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      1. And yours as well, and thank you for liking or just reading the posts I’m trying to share. I’m new to having a blog and not sure what people like to see on a Biblical Blog, I know on Facebook i make my own posters and put full scripture on it, people don’t like much of that, they Luke my pages then that’s about it now. This started in February 2019, because was getting alot 2 share the word and like it, not sure what happened, but I still keep making them when I can, one page i share alot out of the Bible Software the other is the posters and sometimes the Bible Software, I do share the videos about stuff teaching about the bible but cant on website don’t have enough space

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      2. I understand that which you are saying. Let me recommend that you search for new followers everyday on wordpress. Go to reader, and go down to search. You will find many people to follow. Usually, they will follow you back. If you post an article on WordPress, you can paste that link on any other social media site. Linkedin is a possibility. I have over 14,000 connections there. Twitter is a good possibility for posting links. Tumbler is a place that really of Satan, but you will find a lot of people who will see your posts. Myspace is still in operation. FB gives you a lot of possibilities. It is easy, though, to be blocked there. To keep from being blocked, don’t make your posts open to the Public when you first post, but you can change it to Public after you show it to your friends. Let me recommend that you not worry about the success; God knows how to take care of that.


      3. Yes Facebook blocked my website, don’t have a LinkedIn and Twitter I was sharing like I was to Facebook don’t think anyone responded to it. And cool on the following didn’t think about that. Thank you

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      4. I am careful with the word that I use in leading into such a subject. I try to write some words above a video, if I want the focus to be on something else. I will also add words before the words that lead into a post that fb spies look for.


      5. I didnt know all that, was sad because hadn’t had the website very long and the group’s i shared to I am Admin in, helping in there group as well as mine. I have people get mad at me alot,because I’m alot more strict than any groups I’ve seen or I’m in. Can’t believe what some people are trying to share


      6. All this kinda is my work, since disabled, i try to make my posters, Logos Bible Software made One Way Jesus page for me and asked if I would like to share what I got from them, and said I could change the name if wanted, which I did to One Way Jesus, don’t remember what it was called, then I thought I’d make a group off of it, not sure how long after, I didn’t think it would get so big, I made it 3/31/19 almost have 300,000 people alot of post 2 go through sometimes, getting rid of the bad. And one person in my group said I should try bible blogging, I didn’t even know what it was. So now trying this. There is days or longer that I get to feeling 2 bad that I can’t do any of it,that’s when I I listen to John MacArthur, which I usually do every night

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      7. Your work is very good. You really are Bible blogging, because your articles will also be read by those whom are not believers in Christ. As I mentioned about searching through Reader, you will find a lot of people that may, or may not, share your beliefs.


      8. Yes I looked earlier and added some that i seen that had Jesus stuff on their blogs. What I’ve been Sharing is Sermons from all kinds of people, and sometimes stuff I see that I bought that’s neat to know about

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