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Welcome to my blog, I’m Sharing Logos Bible Software I got, They setup a for me to share. I also have another that I make scripture Pictures.

TheologiansAthanasiusFive-time exile for fighting “orthodoxy”

“Those who maintain ‘There was a time when the Son was not’ rob God of his Word, like plunderers.”“Black Dwarf” was the tag his enemies gave him. And the short, dark-skinned Egyptian bishop had plenty of enemies. He was exiled five times by four Roman emperors, spending 17 of the 45 years he served as…

Birth of Jesus Christ

With that being said, let’s jump into what we heard from Isaiah for this evening… Jesus Christ’s birth is prophesied in the OT As we have discovered over the last four weeks, Isaiah wrote quite a bit about the birth of Christ. The interesting part of that is that Isaiah wrote these words a little…

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