books of the Bible outline

 (Genesis 21–23)

More incidences in the life of Abraham are recorded in these three chapters from Genesis. In these chapters we see the faith of Abraham growing and becoming stronger.

Genesis 21:1–21Son for Abraham. The promised son was finally born to Abraham and Sarah. •Circumstances for Isaac: in spite of the opposing circumstances, such as Abraham’s age of 100, God kept His Word and gave Abraham a son. •Circumcising of Isaac: Abraham was faithful to keep the seal of the covenant. •Celebration for Isaac: a feast when Isaac was weaned. •Cruelty to Isaac: Ishmael mocked Isaac at the feast. •Casting out from Isaac: because of the mocking, Ishmael and Hagar were cast out of Abraham’s home.

Genesis 21:22–34Summit With Abimelech. •Reason for the summit: Abraham’s powerful and prosperous presence in the Philistine land was disconcerting to the Philistines, especially to their leaders. •Reproving in the summit: Abimelech was reproved about taking some of Abraham’s wells. •Result of the summit: peace.

Genesis 22Sacrifice of Isaac. This was the greatest test of Abraham’s life. •Summons to make the sacrifice: Abraham is told by God to offer up Isaac on an altar. •Submission in the sacrifice: both Abraham and Isaac submitted to the command. •Substitution for the sacrifice: the ram caught in a thicket replaced Isaac on the altar. •Salvation in the sacrifice: this event gives a tremendous picture of Calvary and, in fact, took place in the same vicinity where Christ was crucified a millennium later.

Genesis 23Sepulcher for Sarah. Abraham bought a grave for Sarah which became a very famous grave. •Need for the sepulcher: Sarah’s death (she died at 127 years of age). •Negotiations for the sepulcher: this included the confession of Abraham that he was a stranger; the concern of Abraham to give a respectful burial to Sarah; the compliments for Abraham by the people selling the grave to Abraham—they recognized Abraham’s excellent character; the courtesies of Abraham in the way he conducted himself during the purchasing of the sepulcher; and the compensation from Abraham which involved his prompt payment of the negotiated price for the sepulcher.

 Butler, J. G. (2003). Daily Bible Reading: Synopsis (Vol. 1, p. 7). Clinton, IA: LBC Publications.


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