Matthew 26:17–30 I. THE PREPARATION—vv. 17–19 A. The Passover—v. 17. The Passover Feast was the Jewish Feast of remembrance of deliverance from Egypt (Exod. 12). B. The person—v. 18. Some feel this was John Mark’s father. Jesus, being a Jew, kept the Passover Feast. He kept it with His disciples. C. The people—v. 19. The... Continue Reading →


The ruins of Bethany. Village on the eastern slope of the Mt of Olives about a mile and a half east of Jerusalem. Jesus and his disciples sometimes stayed in Bethany when in Judea, as when   V 1, p 285    p 285  they attended temple observances during Passover (Mt 21:17; Mk 11:11). Jesus... Continue Reading →

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