In this reading, the focus is mostly on the life of Isaac, the son of Abraham. Not as much is reported of Isaac in the Bible as is reported of Isaac’s father Abraham and of Isaac’s son Jacob. In these three chapters is reported the difficulties of Isaac, the deceiving of Isaac, and the departure... Continue Reading →


 (Genesis 24, 25) Here in this reading the transition is made from focusing on the life of Abraham to focusing on the life of Isaac, the son of Abraham, who was the covenant heir. Genesis 24—Bride for Isaac. The Bible records a lengthy passage about how Abraham (through his servant) obtained a bride (Rebekah) for... Continue Reading →

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 (Genesis 21–23) More incidences in the life of Abraham are recorded in these three chapters from Genesis. In these chapters we see the faith of Abraham growing and becoming stronger. Genesis 21:1–21—Son for Abraham. The promised son was finally born to Abraham and Sarah. •Circumstances for Isaac: in spite of the opposing circumstances, such as... Continue Reading →

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