Dig deeper in Mark 1–5 with these prompts.

1. Based on what you see in Mark 1, what’s the main message of the book of Mark? What words or themes do you see repeated in Mark 1–5? 2. “Mark wrote his fast-paced Gospel (‘immediately’ is used 42 times by Mark, and only 19 times in the rest of the NT) to convince his... Continue Reading →

Jesus Chooses Common Men

Mark 3:12-21 ​Intro: This is a special passage. The ministry of Jesus is in full swing. The common people of the area follow Jesus because He preaches the Word of God in power and because He is working miracles for the glory of God. The religious leaders hate Jesus because He refuses to play by... Continue Reading →


Matthew 26:17–30 I. THE PREPARATION—vv. 17–19 A. The Passover—v. 17. The Passover Feast was the Jewish Feast of remembrance of deliverance from Egypt (Exod. 12). B. The person—v. 18. Some feel this was John Mark’s father. Jesus, being a Jew, kept the Passover Feast. He kept it with His disciples. C. The people—v. 19. The... Continue Reading →

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