Grant Me to Follow Your Example in Gethsemane

Grant Me to Follow Your Example in Gethsemane Matthew 26:36–46; Mark 14:32–42; Luke 22:40–46 Preaching Themes: Passion of Jesus Prayer Type: Petition I bless you, and give thanks to you, O Lord Jesus Christ, Maker and Redeemer of all the faithful, for the sad beginning of your most bitter passion; for the exceeding distress of... Continue Reading →

Compassion of God

God is compassionate by nature 2 Co 1:3See also Ex 33:19; Ex 34:6; Ps 86:15; Ps 103:8; Ps 116:5; Ps 119:156; Ho 1:7; Joe 2:13 God shows compassion as a parent Ps 103:13–14See also Is 49:15–16; Is 63:15–16; Je 31:20 God shows compassion to all Ps 145:8–9 God shows compassion to those in deep troubleIs 49:13See also Ex 22:27; 2 Ki 13:22–23; Ps 40:1–2; Ps 40:11–12; Ps 69:16–17; Is 30:18; La 3:22; La 3:32; Zec... Continue Reading →

Excellence in Character

INTRODUCTION I.      Character affects every areaof our lives — our decisions, our words, our actions, our attitudes, our goals, and our relationships. In fact, any breakdown in life can almost always be traced back to a breakdown in character. A.       To develop Godly character, it is important that you embrace principles, not people. 1. That means you prize principles above relationships. B.        There are certain principles that define each of us as a person. C.        There are unseen ideals that invisibly... Continue Reading →

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