Overview: The section of 4:1–9:50 emphasizes several key points. Jesus was anointed by the Spirit (Luke 4:18–21) in accordance with Isaiah 61:1. He came to build a community of witnesses (Luke 5:9–11). The power of his words was set in the context of the power of his acts (cf. 6:19; 20–49). Love for Jesus was... Continue Reading →

New Testament Reading Plan Week 1: Mark 1–5

Dig deeper in Mark 1–5 with these prompts. Based on what you see in Mark 1, what’s the main message of the book of Mark? What words or themes do you see repeated in Mark 1–5?“Mark wrote his fast-paced Gospel (‘immediately’ is used 42 times by Mark, and only 19 times in the rest of... Continue Reading →

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