I. THE SCRIPTURE—vv. 1–9 A. Cities—v. 1. Cities where Paul preached. B. Custom—v. 2. Paul’s custom was to preach in the synagogue. He opens (explains) the Scripture to the people. C. Christ—v. 3. Explains the sufferings of Christ and His resurrection according to prophecy. D. Conversions—v. 4. Greeks and important people accept Christ. E. Confusion—v.... Continue Reading →

Books of the Bible Outline (Genesis 36–38)

These chapters are about three men. Esau is the subject of Genesis 36, Joseph of Genesis 37, and Judah of Genesis 38. Genesis 36—Increase of Esau. This “genealogy of Esau” shows the development of his family. Though it is mostly a bunch of names, some good lessons can be found here. •Flesh in Esau: five... Continue Reading →

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