The Word of God is Living

The Word of God is Living! Hebrews 4:12, 13 Introduction I sometimes wonder what it must be like to be a teacher. I suspect that there are times when they are teaching something and it feels like their words are falling to the floor. Some students appear to be paying attention, but when you look closer,... Continue Reading →

Power of Holy Spirit

The power of the Holy Spirit is witnessed to in the OT Is 11:2–3See also Is 42:1 The Spirit will show his power on the earthIs 32:15The Spirit’s power will enable people to serve GodEze 36:26–27See also Je 31:33The Spirit’s power will prompt prophecy and visionsJoe 2:28–29See also Ac 2:17–18 The Holy Spirit’s power is described by OT... Continue Reading →

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