Accepting God’s Love

When our shepherds set a vision for this year they also added a corresponding theme, and this year’s theme is “Renewing God’s People.” At some point this year we’re going to consider who are the people of God we’re talking about in that statement. For the present time we’re just going to make the messages... Continue Reading →

Responding to God’s Love

Renewing our relationship with God should be first on our list of priorities for a new year. The first task in renewing our relationship is accepting that God loves us, and the prime example of His love is seen in Jesus. Not only Jesus on the cross, but Jesus in the marketplace, and Jesus in... Continue Reading →

The 5 Big Challenges in Life

John C. Maxwell  Successful people do not have less challenging lives than those who do not succeed. In fact, they may go through even greater challenges. What causes the separation? Successful people respond to difficulties differently.  It’s easy to have a great attitude when things are going our way. Attitude doesn’t become the difference maker... Continue Reading →

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