A. Cities—v. 1. Cities where Paul preached.

B. Custom—v. 2. Paul’s custom was to preach in the synagogue. He opens (explains) the Scripture to the people.

C. Christ—v. 3. Explains the sufferings of Christ and His resurrection according to prophecy.

D. Conversions—v. 4. Greeks and important people accept Christ.

E. Confusion—v. 5. Jews stir up the people against Paul and Silas.

F. Christianity—vv. 6–9. Note v. 6. They change their world. This is the purpose of Christianity—to change our world!


A. Preaching—v. 10. Paul and Silas enter the synagogue to preach.

B. Prayerful—v. 11. They were in a prayerful attitude as they searched the Scripture daily.

C. Pardon—v. 12. Many accept Christ. Important Greek men and women are converted.

D. Problem—vv. 13–15. When God works, Satan also works through the people, seeking to destroy Paul.

III. THE SORROW—vv. 16–21

A. Passion—v. 16. Paul was stirred as he saw the idol worship in the city. Real compassion will stir our hearts.

B. Preaching—v. 17. Both in and out of the synagogue, Paul spoke of what God had done for him.

C. Problem—vv. 18–21. The Epicurean and Stoic philosophers doubted Paul. These people were not spiritually minded, so they could not understand spiritual things.

IV. THE SERMON—vv. 22–31

Here is Paul’s famous sermon from Mars’ Hill.

A. Unknown Saviour. An idol marked “to the unknown God.” They did not know God in a personal way.

B. Unequal Saviour—vv. 24–31

1. Creator—v. 24. God created all things.

2. Control—v. 25. All things are under His control.

3. Compass—v. 26. He rules over all nations and people.

4. Conversion—vv. 27–28. He wants all men to be saved.

5. Commands—vv. 29–31. Commanded to repent because of the judgment day.

V. THE SALVATION—vv. 32–34

A. Concern—vv. 32–33. Some mocked, but others wanted to hear more about the gospel.

B. Conversion—v. 34. Some accept Christ and become church members.

 Pentz, C. M. (1975). Outlines from Mark and Acts (p. 52). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House.


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