In this reading, the focus is mostly on the life of Isaac, the son of Abraham. Not as much is reported of Isaac in the Bible as is reported of Isaac’s father Abraham and of Isaac’s son Jacob. In these three chapters is reported the difficulties of Isaac, the deceiving of Isaac, and the departure from Isaac.

Genesis 26Difficulties of Isaac. Four major difficulties for Isaac are recorded in this chapter. •Famine: this first difficulty caused Isaac to move to Philistia. •Failure: Isaac failed to be honest about his wife in Philistia, and like his father Abraham, lied about his wife and said she was his sister. •Foes: the Philistines became Isaac’s foes and gave Isaac much trouble especially regarding the wells he dug. Water was at a premium in the area and wells were most valuable. •Family: this family difficulty had to do especially with Esau’s marriages—Esau had married some unsavory women, and they were a grief to his parents.

Genesis 27Deceiving of Isaac. Here is one of the greatest deceptions of all time. Jacob disguised himself as Esau to deceive Isaac in order to obtain the patriarchal blessing. •Causes of the deception: the main causes were depravity (of Jacob and Rebekah who plotted to deceive Isaac); and delinquency (of Isaac who wanted to give Esau the blessing which God had said Jacob should have). •Conspiracy in the deception: involved Rebekah scheming with Jacob to make Jacob feel and smell like Esau to Isaac, who was nearly blind, so Isaac would give the blessing to Jacob thinking he was Esau. •Consequences of the deception: the receiving (Jacob obtained the blessing from Isaac); and the rage (Esau in anger determined to kill Jacob because Jacob had stolen the blessing).

Genesis 28Departure From Isaac. Jacob’s departure from Isaac occurred shortly after he deceived his father to obtain the patriarchal blessing. •Reason for the departure: it was twofold—(1) Jacob needed safety from Esau; and (2) Jacob needed a spouse from elsewhere, not from Canaan. •Response to the departure: Esau obtained some new wives seeing that Isaac did not want Jacob to have Canaanite wives as Esau had. •Revelation in the departure: in his departure travels, Jacob had a vision from God in his overnight stay at Bethel which forever changed Jacob’s life.

 Butler, J. G. (2003). Daily Bible Reading: Synopsis (Vol. 1, p. 9). Clinton, IA: LBC Publications.


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