Books of the Bible outline

 (Genesis 19, 20)

Two separate events are recorded in today’s reading. First, is the destruction of Sodom and second, is the deception about Sarah. Both show the sinfulness of man.

Genesis 19Destruction of Sodom. God destroyed Sodom where Lot and his family were living. Ten righteous souls could have spared Sodom from destruction; but ten righteous souls were not found in Sodom. •Debauchery causing the destruction: the chief sin was homosexuality which demonstrated its awful vileness in trying to sodomize Lot’s heavenly visitors. •Declaration about the destruction: an urgent warning to Lot to leave Sodom because of its impending doom. •Deliverance from destruction: Lot, his wife, and two daughters were practically dragged out of Sodom by the heavenly guests. •Details of the destruction: a horrible but quick destruction of everything by fire and brimstone. •Disobedience during the destruction: Lot’s wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. •Defilement after the destruction: the two daughters of Lot became pregnant through incest with Lot.

Genesis 20Deception About Sarah. Abraham, though great in the faith, often failed. Here he lied about his wife by saying that his wife Sarah was his sister. •Reason for the deception: Abraham feared he would be killed so another man could have Sarah as his wife. •Repeating of the deception: Abraham had lied before about Sarah’s relationship to him when he went to Egypt (see Genesis 12). •Rationale for the deception: Sarah was Abraham’s half-sister as well as his wife, so the lie looked excusable. •Romance from the deception: King Abimelech took Sarah to be his wife. •Retribution for the deception: God stopped all the women in Abimelech’s household from conceiving children. •Reprimanding for the deception: Abimelech was reprimanded by God, and Abraham was reprimanded by Abimelech •Reconciliation for the deception: this was done with Sarah (Abimelech returned Sarah to Abraham); with stock (livestock was given Abraham by Abimelech); with silver (Abimelech gave silver to Abraham as a covering); and with supplication (Abraham prayed for Abimelech’s women to be healed so they could once again conceive and give birth to children).

 Butler, J. G. (2003). Daily Bible Reading: Synopsis (Vol. 1, p. 6). Clinton, IA: LBC Publications.


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