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Entry into kingdom of God


Entering or inheriting the kingdom of God is the privilege of those who acknowledge and live by the rule of God and have become part of the new order of salvation and righteousness in Christ.

Entry into the kingdom of God is of vital importance

It is costly

 Mt 13:44; Ac 14:22

 See also Mt 8:19–20; Mt 13:45–46; Lk 18:29–30; 2 Th 1:5; Re 1:9

It is a matter of urgency

 Lk 9:59–62

Conditions of entry into the kingdom of God

Childlike trust

 Mk 10:15

 See also Mt 18:3

To be born again of God’s Spirit

 Jn 3:3

 See also Jn 3:5; 1 Co 15:50

Obedience to God’s will

 Mt 7:21

Warnings about entry into the kingdom of God

The way is narrow

 Lk 13:24–28

 See also Mt 7:13–14; Mt 23:13

The wicked will not inherit the kingdom

 1 Co 6:9–10

 See also Mt 5:20; Mk 9:43–47; Ga 5:19–21; Eph 5:5

The need for readiness and watchfulness

 Mt 24:42–44

 See also Mt 24:37–39; Mt 25:13; Lk 12:35–40

Entry is not based on outward appearances nor granted to all who claim to know the Lord

 Mt 7:21–23

 See also Mt 13:24–30; Mt 13:47–50; Lk 13:25–27

The kingdom of God is a kingdom of grace

It belongs to those qualified by God

 Col 1:12–13

 See also Lk 12:32; Lk 22:29–30

It belongs to the poor and the poor in spirit

 Lk 6:20

 See also Mt 11:5; Mt 19:23–24 It is hard for the rich to enter the kingdom of God; Jas 2:5; Jas 5:1

It belongs to the childlike

 Mt 19:14

It belongs to sinners

 Mk 2:17

 See also Mt 21:31

It belongs to those who are persecuted for Jesus Christ’s sake

 Mt 5:10

It belongs to Gentiles as well as to Jews

 Mt 8:11

 See also Mt 21:43; Mt 22:8–10 those initially uninvited represent the Gentiles; Lk 14:21–24

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